Daleel Petroleum L.L.C. is an upstream oil production company, sharing business success with multiple national and international vendors in different disciplines.

The corporate message emphasizes the legacy of competent contractors as partners in business operations. The benefits range from optimal usage of best resources to provision of employment opportunities for local nationals. The supporting vendors functions can be categorized as follows:

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Career development is at the forefront of Daleel Petroleum L.L.C. commitment. The company offers multi-discipline job opportunities in a multi-cultural environment. The human resource slogan of the corporation is centered on ‘the best employer of choice’.

The company employs both technical and non-technical staff. The diverse discipline profile includes petroleum engineers, drilling engineers, project engineers, production operators, technicians, financial accountants, human resource and business administration professionals. Abiding by professional working practices is considered a must for all employees.

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Daleel Petroleum business model excitingly incorporates social responsibility aspects, while maintain compliance with the country’s law and highest ethical standards. The company is committed to maintain standards that will ensure impact to the Omani society.

Daleel Petroleum investments extend from oil and gas exploration and production, all the way through to community and sustainable development support.

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This glossary of common oil and gas terms and definitions will aid newcomers as well as experienced royalty owners or mineral owners with the terminology used in the Oil and Gas industry.



The gallery contain a group of pictures categorized by the events during the past 10 years. All pictures with high resolution.



Daleel Petroleum L.L.C has made available to the public a selection of press releases. Please click on the relevant link to view them in PDF format.



Daleel Petroleum L.L.C. is committed to work in safe and healthy environments. Compliance to government regulations and international..