Career development is at the forefront of Daleel Petroleum L.L.C. commitment. The company offers multi-discipline job opportunities in a multi-cultural environment. The human resource slogan of the corporation is centered on ‘the best employer of choice’.

The company employs both technical and non-technical staff. The diverse discipline profile includes petroleum engineers, drilling engineers, project engineers, production operators, technicians, financial accountants, human resource and business administration professionals. Abiding by professional working practices is considered a must for all employees. To accomplish such requirement, the company implements policies, procedures and training programs that ensures the professional development of its staff, enabling them to achieve high standards of competency. For latest offered jobs, please check the information under MEDIA, and for local community and student development please visit COMMUNITY.

Training Opportunities

Current Opportunities

We apologize, there are no vacancies at the moment. Please keep visiting our website for future updates.