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Upcoming Tenders

List of DALEEL’s expected upcoming tenders Q3/Q4 2016:
  • Drilling Fluid Services
  • EPC Project of Gas LACT Unit
  • Extension & Construction of Bioremediation
  • Mazoon Production Pipeline to Daleel Station
  • Mud Logging Services Price Agreement For Thru- Pipe Logging
  • Provision of Cementing
  • Provision of Electric Logging & Auxiliary Services
  • Provision of MWD/DD Services
  • Provision of Performance Motor Services
  • Reservoir Souring/Chemical Supply
  • Slick Line Services
  • Supply of Sand Sucker (4Years)

You can express your participation interest by sending your request to
 Note: Your interest request does not guarantee your participation to DALEEL’s tenders, & it will be subject to prequalification.