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Upcoming Tenders

List of DALEEL’s expected upcoming tenders :

Note: Your interest request does not guarantee your participation to DALEEL’s tenders, & it will be subject to prequalification

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 Tender TitleIssue Date
1 Operations and Maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plant Aug-2017
2 Service Agreement for Engineering Workshop Aug-2017
3 Supply and delivery of lab equipment and consumables for Daleel Lab. Aug-2017
4 Provision of Well Pulling Hoist (WPH) Services Aug-2017
5 Sale of Scrap materials Oct-2017
6 Price agreement for Supplying of Camp Maintenance Materials Aug-2017
7 Provide Satellite Images for Daleel, Block-5 Sep-2017
8 Provision of Well Pulling Hoist (WPH) Services Oct-2017
9 Price Agreement for the Supply of 2 ⅞” and 3 ½” Completion Items Nov-2017
10 Update Off Plot Facilities As Built by Topographical Consultants Nov-2017
11 Provision of Sucker Rod inspection Jan-2018