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Upcoming Tenders

List of DALEEL’s expected upcoming tenders :

Note: Your interest request does not guarantee your participation to DALEEL’s tenders, & it will be subject to prequalification

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 Tender TitleIssue Date
1 Provision of Satellite Image Services at Daleel Block 5 Feb-2018
2 Procurment of Additional Water injection pumps Feb-2018
3 Provision of Catering & facilities Management Feb-2018
4 OPITO Certified Assessor Feb-2018
5 Maintenance for all the Daleel security systems Feb-2018
6 Training Course for Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities & Deadlines Feb-2018
7 Training Course for English Program for Technician Feb-2018
8 Contract for Engineering Workshop Feb-2018
9 Price Agreement for Supply of OCTG Feb-2018
10 Provision of Videography & Photography Mar-2018
11 Training Course for Managerial Leadership Program Mar-2018
12 Provision of designing, advertising and media Services Mar-2018
13 Umbrella Contract to manage Daleel Events in 2018 Mar-2018
14 Office Maintenance (MEP) Mar-2018
15 Training Course for PMP Certification Program Mar-2018
16 Honeywell Site Support and Preventive Maintenance Service Agreement Mar-2018
17 Contract to support IT Daleel servers and storage Mar-2018
18 Price Agreement for Supplying Office Stationary Apr-2018
19 Electrical Overhead line and Well Hook-Up Services Apr-2018
20 Mechnical WSO trial Apr-2018
21 Services and Equipment for Site Warehouse Operations Apr-2018
22 Third Party Logistics Services Apr-2018
23 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Complete set of Beam Pump Equipment and Services May-2018
24 Non Corrosive Pumping Services May-2018
25 Supply of Biocides with Associated Services May-2018
26 Supply and Delivery of Corrosion Inhibitor and Biocide Feb-2018
27 MZE  Shuaiba Interaction Study May-2018
28 Test separators V-1202,  V-1242 , and V-1502 upgrade May-2018
29 AP & LP Flare at Daleel Site May-2018
30 Pulse jetting trials for water injector (SS) May-2018
31 Enhance Upgrade and Renew IM&T Helpdesk Manage Engine Solution May-2018
32 Supply and Delivery of Scale Inhibitor and Iron Sulfide May-2018
33 Supply of Crude Oil Tanks May-2018
34 Supply of Oxygen & H2S Scavengers Chemicals May-2018
35 Provision for Production Logging Tool (PLT) Services May-2018
36 Designing and Supplying of 2019 Coprorate Calendars & Diaries May-2018
37 Provision of Bioremediation for Contaminated Soil May-2018
38 Emergency Response Services(Well control) Jun-2018
39 Backup solution to protect IT & Users data Jun-2018
40 Chemical WSO for OP (trials) Jun-2018
41 Price Agreement for Supply of Bends & Fittings for Flowine Project Jun-2018
42 Servicing, inspection & refilling of portable fire extinguishers Jun-2018
43 Supply of Daily Papers & Periodicals Jun-2018
44 Provision of Tracer Sampleling & Analysis Services Jul-2018
45 Provision of Printing Services Jul-2018
46 Travel Agency Services Aug-2018
47 Third Part Inspection Services Aug-2018
48 Provision Of 7 & 4.5 Liner Equipment & Services Aug-2018
49 Chemical WSO for WI (conformance) Aug-2018
50 Provision of Legal Services Sep-2018
51 Provision of Pipeline Maintenance and Inspection Services Sep-2018
52 Sales of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Sep-2018
53 Umbrella Contract on Non Technical In-House Training Sep-2018
54 Provision of Fishing Tools & Services Sep-2018
55 Price Agrement for Printing services Oct-2018
56 Provision of Security Project Engineer Oct-2018
57 Service Agreement for Fluid, Gases and Solid Lab Analysis Oct-2018
58 Call-out Contract for Borhole Image processing and interpretation Oct-2018
59 Daleel Off Plot Facilities AS - Built Drawings Updating Nov-2018
60 Umbrella Contract on Technical In-House Training Nov-2018
61 Provision of IT Support On-site engineer and professional services Nov-2018
62 Price Agrement for Stud Bolts Dec-2018
63 Provision of Forklifts Rental Dec-2018
64 Provision of Medical Officers Manpower and Operation of Site Clinic Dec-2018